Animals Friend, what we are doing!

Last week  @bbc5live a reported on Elephant poaching. The report highlighted new techniques being used by poachers, which includes using helicopters, automatic weapons and RPG (rocket propelled grenades).

To say that I found this utterly appalling is an understatement.   I decided that the best way to act was to use social media to try and raise awareness for those that generally are not concerned about animal welfare or to help and assist those that are.  By networking people together from around the world, people, charities and campaigners can work with one another for a common cause.

Depite pushing the boundries on twitter, in less than 48 hours @animals_friend managed to raise some awareness for Rochdale Dog Rescue (UK) @RDogRescue and @alfiebeardie #alfieslaw .

It is going to be a long hard road, but an essential journey that must be taken, we can not do this on our own and nor can you. Together we can make a difference. The more followers we have on twitter equates to more people being heard by others.

I will be asking for advice from expersts in the animal field and suggestion from you.

Government officials have the real sway to influnce the barbaric acitivities in #Japan. I hope they are reading our blogs?  Education, influence and responsibility must play a big part in animal welfare.

That is all for now. Thank you for reading.

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